Tuesday, 31 March 2009

365 Cards Day 31: Rounding the corner

This was a little bit of a challenge for me seeing as how I don't have any edge rounders so I have free-styled it today, but I like it so much I have popped onto ebay and ordered me some, lovely!

365 Cards Day 30: Don't Bug Me...

....I'm Scrapping! Gloria's card on 365 Cards was so cute, and very clever! I would definitely like to receive a card like that when I'm ill.

So a few days back I mentioned that I don't like working with black, well I was kind of forced to use it with this challenge and I have to admit, I am coming round to the black, there is something quite stylish about it, I must try this more often. I used Anita's stamps for the image and then glittered the spots, because of course all ladybugs wish they were glittery!

365 Cards Day 29: Super Sketchy Sunday

Yay! It's sketch time again, here's my version of this wonderful sketch by Pamela over at 365 cards.

365 Cards Day 28: Scraplift Yourself

I was really exited to see today's challenge as I love scrapbooking, especially holidays and trips out and about, so I chose a page from a Birthday Weekend Trip to London in 2008 with Simon (I never know if boyfriend is still appropriate after 5 years, and partner just makes us sound ancient) so lets just say he's my other half, for his 31st birthday. I then translated this to a cheeky little Birthday Card.

365 Cards Day 27: Touchy Feely Friday

For this little number I used a handmade textured paper, punched out butterflies for the border and used the punched images to accentuate the paper and glittered sentiment (stickles).

365 Cards Day 26: Colour me anything but that

So the challenge today was to use a colour that you really dislike using, well for me it would have been black, so I had a root around in all my paper stack and, suprise, suprise, I don't actually have any black! So I went with brown (which I always think looks a little dull) and then I spiced it up with some vibrant stars, not dull anymore!
On the previous matter, I think I will definitely go out and get some black card because the DT over at 365 cards use it a lot on their creations and they always look fabulous!

365 Cards Day 25: Ad Inspired

The ad was a little more muted than this but the recent sunny days have put a spring in my step and summer colouring in my cards, so I make no excuses for this one, it does really make the same use of contrasting colours and the use of white on vibrant shades which is quite striking.

365 Cards Day 24: Setting the scene

I know that nature isn't really quite as glittery as this, but it just had to be done, the clouds and sun are DCWV glitter matstacks and the flowers each have little gems, if only my garden looked like this!

365 Cards Day 23: Crossword Connection

So I took a bit of artistic license with this one and created my own crossword out of chipboard letters rather than printing out the black and white version (it's not cheating, really!).

365 Cards Day 22: Super Sketchy Sunday

Above is my interpretation of the 365 challenge of the day, a bit dotty I think!

The message reads: Wishing you a great day

365 Cards Day 21: Sing Along Saturday

The challenge today was to create a card inspired by the following song:
Lean on Me, by Bill Withers:
Sometimes in our lives we all have pain
We all have sorrow
But if we are wise
We know that there's always tomorrow
Lean on me, when you're not strong
And I'll be your friend
I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long
'Til I'm gonna need
Somebody to lean onPlease swallow your pride
If I have things you need to borrow
For no one can fill those of your needs
That you don't let show
Lean on me, when you're not strong
And I'll be your friend
I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long
'Til I'm gonna need
Somebody to lean onIf there is a load you have to bear
That you can't carry I'm right up the road
I'll share your load
If you just call me

Monday, 30 March 2009

365 Cards Day 20: Inside Out

Using only a peel-off and a satin ribbon on the front of the card I used a chipboard mailbox square mounted on blue matching textured card inside. This was then completed with a viewing window for an extra peek inside. I do have more days challenges all made and ready to upload (including a really cute stamped ladybug card for today's challenge) but unfortunately I have had a bit of a camera situation, so I am on hold for the time-being! Watch this space, as soon as the problem is fixed I should be back on track and finally up to date, hurrah!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

365 Cards Day 19: Keep it to yourself

It's a Birthday Party! But shhhh.... keep it to yourself because no messages are allowed as part of day 19's challenge at 365 cards (www.365cards.blogspot.com).

365 Cards Day 18: Going Green

With green being the dominant colour here this Happy Birthday card would be a delight to any Paddy (or more likely Patricia) for their special day. Again I used an old DCWV favourite with this glittered background.

365 Cards Day 17: Buttons & Bows

When you first see the challenge: 3 buttons and 3 bows you would instantly think a feminine card but here I bucked the trend and made a rather masculine Father's Day Card (well all apart from the silver glitter!).

365 Cards Day 16: Imagine This

Having lived in London now for 3 months I do miss the beach days at Bournemouth: even though I always complained about how windy it was when I lived there! Even though the sea was cold and in the summer the whole area was full of grockles, it was nice to be near the coast.
This card really makes me want my holiday to come so much sooner, I feel like I should have an umbrella drink in my hand!

365 Cards Day 15: Super Sketchy Sunday

If I wasn't playing catch up on these I would be really looking forward to Super Sketchy Day as it really pushes me to try new things, which is lovely, just like this little creation.

365 Cards Day 14: DIY

The D.I.Y. element here was the flower, I had bought a quilling kit a little while ago and had never gotten around to using it, so when this challenge popped up, it was great, not bad for a first try! Although I did wimp out of making a larger flower or a whole floral arrangement making this on a 5 x 8 cm mini card!

365 Cards Day 13: Festive Friday

Okay so the task for the day was to create a Birthday Card using only red, yellow and blue. This proved to be quite a challenge! I normally work in pastel shades or dark muted or metallic tones. Not sure how much of the detail you can see on this one but the yellow background is glittered and the gift is stamped and then embossed in all 3 colours!

365 Cards Day 12: Thursday's Theme...

.....is Moving House. So I chose a simple design with some fabulous chipboard shapes and the message 'New Home'. I even managed to match the card to the wall!

365 Cards Day 11: Giving it all you've got!

I thought the challenge today was going to be super hard! In fact I really enjoyed using a whole variety of papers and embellishments. They are from 'The Goods' range by American Crafts and really go nicely together.

The message reads: Have a wonderful day!

365 Cards Day 10: Picture This

This was most definitely a challenge for me, as I have never used photos in a card before, I dithered between using a scenic photo or an action photo and in the end chose this cute sea-lion photo. What you can't see behind the ball is actually the fish that was being thrown to the little guy at feeding time!

365 Cards Day 9: Just the Scraps

Seeing as how most of my scraps are all generally strange small sizes I chose this slim card and created an embellishment from an off-cut of a DCWV glittered paper, very thrifty!

365 Cards Day 8: Super Sketchy Sunday

Using the sketch from 365 Cards I created another blank card for the day's challenge with what I would describe as a 'picnic' theme.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

365 Cards Day 7: Shape up!

With the challenge to have a central circular theme for this card I made this blank card for any occasion.

365 Cards Day 6: Flashy Friday

As you will have seen from my previous cards I always love using glitter and glittered papers (particularly the DCWV stacks as the glitter stays put and they are extra glittery!). So this challenge was especially fun as it was to use as much glitter, or jewels as you could.

365 Cards Day 5: Thankful it's Thursday

Today the challenge was to create a thank you card that could be easily reproduced, after making the first one quite quickly I then went on to create another with the same style and a different message. It was especially easy as I could use the same strips of paper for each subsequent cards and didn't need to re-measure the mats for the peel-off.

365 Cards Day 4: Ad inspired card

I created this cupcake card based on the ad selected by the 365 Cards Design Team (above).

365 Cards Day 3: Tuesday's Trio

Using a flower, button and ribbon, I created this pastel Birthday card.

365 Cards Day 2: Less is more

The task set today was to only use 2 embellishments, I used a gold peel-off and a tiny flower gem to accent this.

365 Cards Day 1: Super Sketchy Sunday

The first challenge from 365 cards was to create a card from a sketch, this was my take on the sketch provided.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Crafty plans for Bex tonight

Okay, so I have now discovered the World of Blogging and I have found this really fun looking blog (http://www.365cards.blogspot.com/) and I am going to join in the daily card creation challenge. Seeing as how I am 25 days behind, I can enjoy a fair few hours of sticky dots and glitter ahead of me.