Thursday, 7 May 2009

Taking a tumble!

I'm a bit late posting this little number (number, get it?!), yes I really do need to laugh after what happened to me today!

So, I had my last dental appointment today (yay!). I was full of the joys of no more chair time and a spring was definitely in my step! Well I was a tad too bouncy and right in front of a full bus stop, I trip over absolutely nothing (by that I mean my own feet!) and it isn't one of these graceful lady falls, my lovely boyfriend tells me it was like watching a toddler going down: you can see it is going to happen and then all of a sudden they are in a heap on the floor and you just know the tears are coming! Boo hoo, I was that heap!

Now I have bruises absolutely everywhere (although, so does Simon as he had to practically carry me home!). Although at least I didn't bruise my right leg, the shiner I got from putting my foot through the bath hasn't quite gone from there yet! Don't even ask about that one!

Oooh I look back at what I have just written and it looks like I have been shouting with all those exclamation marks! There I go again! Okay, I will try and stop now.....

Anyway, back to the card, the reason I am late is I was trying to recover from my little trip (with bags of groceries I might add, I managed to break my fall on a Rolo desert). Again, back to the card, it is mostly papers from the sweet stack, which is pretty sweet.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to make it home without any incidents....


  1. Oh Bex, I hope that you are poor dear!!! Hey, I hope you don't think that I'm shouting at you when I leave a comment...I'm huge on the "!!!" it easy :) BTW, super card!

  2. You poor thing Bex, maybe you should just stay home and play with craft supplies for a day or even a week to get over it all. LOL
    Love your card, you have to love DCWV.

  3. Oh Bex, poor you, I hope you are ok, I agree with Fi maybe you should just rest and craft.
    Gorgeous card today, a lot of you are using this paper
    I would like to ask if you would be so kind as to visit my blog to read the post I have added today, it is for such a special cause.

  4. Poor baby, it is great you told us, it gets it out of your system, I am so sorry, i hope there weren't a lot of people around, because then you have to act like you ment to fall, because you are practicing to be a comedian ;)
    I hope the boo, boo's heal fast. my rx is to sit quitely for a few days and make cards, treat it as a zen kinda thing. Oh yea the card it great. :)

  5. well i'm so glad that you are alright other than bruising. and finished with the!! what a sweet card and perfect paper too! :D

  6. Unfortunately I have done similar things on numerous occaisons and being on the rather plump side I don't land gracefully either !

    Hope your bruises ease very soon.

    Great card by the way, perfect for a sweet 16.