Sunday, 19 April 2009

365 Cards: Day 47

Pop-Up Card

I was expecting to be at this one for a while but it was suprisingly easy to make. I first cut 2 lines at right angles to the centre fold to create the structure for the pop-out section. I then covered this gap with DCWV paper on both sides of the card and added matching glittered stickers to the front. Plus I scalloped the edge using a round corner punch (told you I would be using that quite often now I know how to do it!)

On the inside I mounted the centre of a flower behind the petals using 3D foam. I added ribbon at the base to cover the back of the structure and then over this I laid the same paper as on the front of the card. Then I mounted the 2 layered flower on the structure which pops up when opened.

I think I will definitely be making more of these and when I have more time I would really like to try the style that Amy made, as it looks fab!


  1. Hey there - I have that paper to and used it for my tri-fold card. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did with it. That is so cute! It's so colorful and happy!

  2. Cuteness defined. I love this card.

  3. FUN the flower pop up!