Saturday, 25 April 2009


The challenge was to recycle something in honour of Earth Day, this couldn't be scraps of other crafting materials but something that really would go in the bin!

After eating a Marks & Spencer Tea Cake I flattened the foil out and cut out the shape of pair of undies to match with a basque peel-off I had used over purple glittered paper on the inside of an aperture card. I then used a pair of shoe peel-offs on the foil and cut this out and stuck them on the inside of the card.

To finish the outside I added a matching ribbon, sentiment and coat hanger. I was going to include a message on the inside and then thought a very personal message might be more appropriate!


  1. What a fun card!!! Great job recycling!!

  2. I did wonder where this post was going when you said pants, well it's definitely not your card missus, it's lovely.

  3. ooh la la!! great reusing !! :-)